What is This Course?

This course prepares students for the world of professional web design.

Through hands-on projects, exercises, and lectures students learn to conceptualize, design, and deploy successful client web sites. Course topics include intermediate web design concepts such as creative and usable interface

design, information architecture, web typography, compliant front-end HTML5, CSS, and jQuery development, responsive design methods and techniques, as well as user testing models. Additionally, this course examines the place of

technology and design within the context of a contemporary cultural, social and media landscape. For this purpose the course hosts guest speakers from the industry as well as related fields, and embarks on a field trip to the local design agency.

What are My Objectives?

What Will I Learn?

Required Books

Other required reading assignments will be given over the course of the semester and will available on Blackboard. Should any other books or materials become necessary along the way one weeks’ notice will be given to allow students time to acquire the materials.

Recommended Books



Weekly exercises are designed to incrementally build up to a final project. Their sequence corresponds to the lecture/demo topics, and fits directly into the workflow for each project.

Additionally, his method provides opportunity for students to receive feedback, ask questions and troubleshoot their work in manageable steps. Each exercise is graded as Complete or Incomplete.

All exercises will be submitted via BlackBoard unless otherwise noted.


To ensure that students are able to digest and apply new material, they need to complete weekly quizzes. Rather then serving as an evaluation tool, these quizzes act as an alternative study guide that allows students to quickly identify any gaps in their knowledge.

Each quiz has about 15-20 questions on the topic of the lecture and reading/video assignments. Quizzes can be taken on-campus or from home via BlackBoard system as a part of homework.

Students may use their books, notes, and any other useful resources while taking the quiz.

Reading & Video Assignments

To accommodate for different learning styles reading and/or video assignments are given out for each class. Students are expected to complete these assignments prior to starting applicable work.

Most videos (~5 -10 min.) are hosted on lynda.com American University account. To access these materials students need to log into American University portal using their AU user name/password.

Readings assignments are taken from required textbooks and relevant external sources.

How Will I Be Graded?

Applied Projects are weighted heavily, and must show all the intermediate steps of the design/development process.

Completion of all required projects is mandatory to pass the course. The instructor will lower the final project grade one full letter value for any

intermediate deadline missed (comps, research, etc). Always come to class with projects looking better than they looked last time.

A project is never finished and can always be improved. Any project not seen in progress will receive an “F” even if the final is delivered on time.

Breakdown by Percentage
Grade Breakdown by Percentage
Applied Projects
Grade Breakdown by Percentage
Carbonmade Portfolio
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Technical and Design Exercises
Grade Breakdown by Percentage
Grade Breakdown by Percentage
Participation, Attendance, Progress
Grade Breakdown by Percentage

Grade Explanation

“Design is not the narrow application of formal skills, it is a way of thinking.” Chris Pullman